I Love Mathematic Learning Kit (SD06)


I Love Mathematic Learning Kit (SD06)

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  • 1 Board Marker
  • 10 Hard Board Cards
  • 11 Wooden Numbers 
  • Addition 0-10--------15 Cards
  • Subtraction 0-10-----15 Cards
  • Sticks Red 21 Pcs, Green 21 Pcs, Orange 21 Pcs, Blue 21 Pcs, Yellow 21 Pcs  


  • Parents can participate in and guide kids, which can help strengthen parent-child communication. Tip: You can use brick numbers or write the answer on the counting card.
  • Gift box packaging, upgrade large size toy calculator, perfect gift choice, can help develop children's intelligence, hands-on ability, brain development, logical and counting ability.
  • The card is made of high-quality cardboard, which does not hurt your hands, and the pattern is clear. Natural high-quality wooden, environmentally friendly water paint, odorless, safe for children, delicate feel and not easy to damage.
  • Colorful counting rods box help develop numbers and color recognition, learn while playing, children can learn simple math operations more directly with wooden sticks, more easily than with fingers. 

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