Wooden Calculation Shelf Abacus (KC2701)


Wooden Calculation Shelf Abacus (KC2701)

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Size: 12 X 5.5 Inches

  • Wooden Abacus 1+1 Calculation Shelf For Learning Counting Addition Subtraction Mathematical Functions, for Kids Ages 4+ Years. Math’s Learning Educational Kit Toy.
  • This Calculation Shelf is a visual way of teaching Math Calculations to your kids.
  • Wooden boards feature addition and subtraction and colour matching
  • Bright colours and multiple ways to play for growing skill sets.
  • This educational tool is designed to enrich your child’s learning in a way that’s as engaging as playtime itself. It is a very practical teaching tool. Double Sided Magic Writing Board with Calculation Panel & Abacus. It is an early counting tool for kids that can make your child love and enjoy mathematics. Counting and moving the beads on this helps develop your child’s visual and tactile relationship with numbers.
  • Made of wood with safe and non-toxic materials

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