The Wolf And The Crane Story Book

Rs.269.00 Rs.295.00

The Wolf And The Crane Story Book

Rs.269.00 Rs.295.00
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  • Size:- 8 X 8 Inches
  • 16 Pages


  • Stories impart morals and ethics. The best stories have often been the inspiring spark for successful people. Teach your kids the art of learning from stories.
  • This book of animal stories will enhance reading skills and understanding. The enlarged printing allows the child to gain a better grasp of the words and contents. The lively, fresh, and captivating pictures of the lovable characters will bring to life each tale.
  • The classic stories depicting moral values and inspiration will delight the child, capture their interest, and spark their imagination page after page.
  • Your child will be enriched with a life-long love of reading. An ideal reading material for early childhood education, this collection series will be a welcome addition at preschool and in the home.

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