Doctor Briefcase Set Toy (9900, 9990)


Doctor Briefcase Set Toy (9900, 9990)

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  • SKU: 010544
  • Brand: vendor-unknown
  • Type: Toys
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Doctor Set includes 08 pcs
  • All accessories are housed in one compact casing which is easy to carry around and ideal for picnics and holidays
  • The set comes in a vibrant pink colour, very attractive and engaging with the kids.
  • The accessories with this kit are outstanding. It has a syringe, otoscope, stethoscope, reflex hammer, mirror, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and a staff id card. There are a ton of buttons with light and sounds effects to explore on the instruments, all adding to this highly interactive medical role play experience
  • This is ideal as your children will become familiar with the medical instruments which can also help them in real life since they’ll be less scared to go to the doctor. The chances are that they might even be excited to go. This game can be played in 2 modes and the child can either be a doctor and go around the house treating everyone or become a patient and as a friend to treat him.
  • Available In 2 Colors

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