The Projector Painting (6868)


The Projector Painting (6868)

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  • SKU: 012454
  • Brand: vendor-unknown
  • Type: Toys
  • Availability: Out stock
  • Box Size:- 16.5 X 2.5 X 9 Inches
  • Projector Size:- Width 8 X Depth 6.5 X Length 9 Inches


  • 3 Lantern Slide
  • 21 Pattern
  • 12 Colour Pen

Little Treasures projector painting set comes complete with projector, water colour pens and ruler shaped rectangular three lantern slide reels. The projector is shaped like a microscope so it can promote scientific thought in young children and older. Look at each of the beautifully coloured and drawn slides which include dinosaurs, sea creatures and houses through this quality projector and recreate the artwork with any of the markers. This makes a suitable and ideal gift for all children three or older as it promotes creativity and scientific thought whilst promoting learning about new objects as well.


  • The projector painting set from Little Treasures comes with a microscope shaped projector to promote scientific thought, 12 markers to create the projector painting art with, a projector pad or stand, a projector pad eraser to erase your mistakes easily and conveniently and the Projector Painting Art Textbook for use with the projector painting apparatus. It is a brilliant gift for all occasions and children from the ages of 3 and over will thrive and develop whilst using this projector painting set from Little Treasures.

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