Mini Appliance Set Iron & Washing Machine Toy Set (6999B)


Mini Appliance Set Iron & Washing Machine Toy Set (6999B)

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  • SKU: 034517
  • Brand: vendor-unknown
  • Type: Toys
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Any available color will be delivered.

  • Iron Size:- 8 Inches
  • Washing Machine Size:- 6 X 7 Inches
    • A very bright and beautiful washing machine is equal in appearance and functionality to a real washing machine.
    • The machine reproduces all the functions of a real washing machine. And most importantly, with its help, you can teach a child to be neat and clean. You can put the doll's clothes in the machine, select the washing, rinsing and drying mode, and the toy machine will wash the clothes just like the real thing, only without water.
    • During washing, the drum rotates and the washing machine emits realistic light and sound effects. When you open the door of the washing machine, the wash ends. A caring mother in the process of a fun game will be able to familiarize her daughter with various household appliances, and with the help of a children's washing machine, a child will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to use a real washing machine. in the future.

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