Mc Queen Lap Desk And Stool Deal


Mc Queen Lap Desk And Stool Deal

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  • SKU: 033701
  • Brand: vendor-unknown
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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Stool Size:- Width 9 X Length 8 Inches
  • Lap Desk Size:- Width 21 X Depth 12 X Length 8 Inches 

Stool Description:-

  • Lightweight, easy to store, and carry. The stool is so lightweight that even your kids can carry it easily! Do not mistake the lightness of the stool with lack of quality! The stool is extremely sturdy and will easily withstand the weight of even adults!

Lap Desk Description:-

  • Bottom anti-slip design, Safe and Stable. Easy to clean. Easy to store and transport. Cavity to hold tablet and phone. Table’s edges prevent objects from sliding of the desk-top.

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