Football Club Magnet Lunch Box (KC5089)


Football Club Magnet Lunch Box (KC5089)

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  • Brand: vendor-unknown
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  • Lunch Box Size:- 7.5 X 5 Inches
Innovative Design:-
  • The new Magnet Lunch box has an innovative design that is stylish and trendy but also airtight and leak proof.
Leakproof Lunch Box:- 
  • Your new Magnet Lunch Box has a big compartment, the rubber packing in the lid keeps the box leak-proof,
Be the envy of your friends:- 
  • Expect a little jealousy when you bring your new super stylish, slim magnet lunch box to school.
Fits Perfectly in your bag:- 
  • Magnet lunch box will slide neatly inside your bag, briefcase, or laptop bag, meaningless to carry on your commute.
Premium Material:-
  • Magnet Lunch Box is made from BPA Plastic.
Salad Box:-
  • Separate box with a lid for salad.
Multifunctional and stackable:-
  • Stackable space-saving design, glass container perfect to store leftovers, food, soup, fruit, snacks, nuts, frozen dinners, lunch.

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