Farm & Wild Animals Flash Cards

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Farm & Wild Animals Flash Cards

Rs.895.00 Rs.945.00
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  • Each Cards Size:- 5 X 7 Inches
  • 32 Unique Cards
  • Stimulating Supplementary Information Included


  • The best thing about these flash cards is that they provide structure to any learning experience, introducing an interactive element that’s fun for parent and child. Help to improve your child’s reading, writing, and pronunciation skills with this helpful tool.
  • Beautifully designed to retain your child’s attention with colourful illustrations of farm and wild animals, this set of flash cards will enhance your child’s vocabulary.
  • Using the cards as prompts, parents can encourage their child to draw, write, and discuss the animals they’ve been learning about. Not only will your child strengthen their basic skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom.

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