Explore & Find Volcano Eruption Toy (1008)


Explore & Find Volcano Eruption Toy (1008)

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Package Include:-
  • volcano form, plastic cups, screw cap with citric acid, a screw cap with baking soda, safety goggles, teaspoon measuring cup, stirrer, syringe, user manual.


  • A super creative set for preparing a spectacular volcanic eruption in your own home. Perfect for fans of extraordinary natural phenomena, earthquakes, explosions and the river of bubbling lava. It will provide exciting fun while learning and developing curiosity.
  • We start all the fun by putting on protective goggles. To trigger an explosion, we measure the spoon with the right amount of ingredients, which we pour into our volcano. With the help of a mixer, we combine everything thoroughly. We pour water into a cup, which we add to the powder using a syringe, which will cause a spectacular eruption.
  • The volcano self-making kit will provide children and teenagers with a lot of emotions, fun and knowledge.

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