English Learner Machine Children Intelligent Laptop (QX1101)


English Learner Machine Children Intelligent Laptop (QX1101)

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  • 20 Educational Activities And Games
  • Learning Can Be So Much Fun When You Learn While Play. The English Learner Laptop For Kids By Prasid Allows Your Kid To Enjoy Whatever He/She Is Learning Without Putting Too Much Pressure On Them, And Thus Helps Them To Hone Their Skills Right From The Beginning. Unique Design And Features This Amazing Laptop Shaped Toy Has An Inbuilt Lcd Screen, A Colorful Keyboard, Sound Instructions And A Unique Mouse Control. Spelling And Arithmetic Skills Enhancement This Battery Operated Toy Comes With 20 Amazing Activities, So That Your Kid Have Fun While Learning The Alphabet, Learning New Words, Spellings And Pronunciations, Learning The Numbers, Their Correct Pronunciation And Spelling, Their Identification – Both Visual And Verbal, Etc. Your Kid Can Also Learn Musical Notes, Play Melodies, Find The Matching Pair And A Lot More With This Wonderful Toy Laptop. Safe For Children. Made Of High-Grade Plastic, This Laptop Shaped Toy Is Durable As Well As Safe For Children Aged 3 And Above.

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