Duck Plastic Ring Tower 15 Inches (KC5331)


Duck Plastic Ring Tower 15 Inches (KC5331)

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  • SKU: 035480
  • Brand: vendor-unknown
  • Type: Toys
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 12 Rings
  • 1 Duck Face Ball
  • Ring Tower Size:- 15 Inches


  • Multicolor Stacking Rings also help in development of skills, visual-spatial skills; Teaches colors, shapes, sizes, sequencing; Inspires creativity and exploration. Stacking Ring is an attractive educational toy which helps your baby recognize different colours and sizes while having fun stacking them in order. Stacking Ring helps your baby naturally develop concepts of color, shape and size through fun filled play activity.
  • All the Rings are made of Non Toxic Soft and Durable Plastic that won’t Harm Your Kids even they though it on each other’s.

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