Alphabet & Colours Flash Cards


Alphabet & Colours Flash Cards

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  • Each Cards Size:- 5 X 7 Inches
  • 32 Unique Cards
  • Additional 250 Rhyming Words


  • Pictures strengthen our visual memory. Flash cards enable your child to learn through pictures.
    The alphabet unlocks the world of language. Enhanced fluency is possible when there is a firm foundation, which enables your child to acquire the four important skills of listening, reading, writing, and speech.
    Life is beautiful because of its infinite colours. Help your child to create and love different colour combinations and teach them to differentiate between the various shades. Colour can change and lift the mood. Enable your little one to explore, enjoy, and relish the wondrous shades of nature’s palette. The cards are colourful and incorporate loveable  pictures to entice and encourage the child’s interest in the worlds and topics.
  • These flash cards are the perfect tool to expand the knowledge of your learning child and help develop the reading ,writing, spelling and pronunciation skills in a joyful and interactive manner.
  • There is no doubt these cards will prove to be an indispensable tool in enhancing your child’s success in the early learning stage.

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